New York Jets - Road to the Super Bowl
Jets/Bengals - Alot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I can’t believe we have another Jets game to watch tomorrow night.  The last time the Jets played a Thanksgiving night game was 2008 and they played the Cowboys.  It was awful!  They looked like a high school team playing professionals.  They lost that game behind Kellen Clemens 34- 3. Oh what a couple of years and draft will do for a team.

I have said it the last couple of games but I feel the Jets are do for total domination of an opponent.  I am not being picky here but the Jets need to start getting into their groove earlier in the game.  It appeared last week that we had finally accomplished that while having a 16 point lead in the 4th only to have Greene have a fumble and the defense to fall apart.  Luckily, Sanchez has proved yet again he is clutch and cool under fire.  I am still smiling about that final drive on Sunday and have watched the play maybe 60 times over the last 3 days.

The Jets have had their best start through 10 games since 1986.  With the Bengals up next I just don’t see how we lose this game.  T.O. and his cancerous ways are finally starting to take hold of their team. They are currently 2-8 and coming off a disastrous loss to the Bills.  There seems to be changes coming for that team whether that means the firing of Marvin Lewis or moving away from their once future star QB Carson Palmer.  Neither one of these guys ever seem to win the big game.  I don’t see them starting tomorrow night and playing spoiler.

There are a few things I would love to see tomorrow.  One, get Greene into the mix early.  I can’t express how important it will be to keep LT healthy for the playoffs and the Super Bowl push.  We need to be able to rely on Greene and get the running game in a good flow.  He has one TD this year?  Let’s start using him more.  I think the O Line could be without Damien Woody this week after the injury he received on Sunday and if it means him staying on the sideline so he is fresh for the Patriots next week than so be it.  Wayne Hunter was able to hold his own as his replacement in the game on Sunday.

Defense needs to finally get to the QB.  There never seems to be enough pressure on any opposing QB we face.  Is it the Scheme?  I am not sure.  I do know that the Jets have shown that they really don’t adapt the play calling throughout the game.  Has anyone noticed we are always exposed on one side of the field.  It seems we always rush from one side and all the QB has to do is throw to the other side which leads to huge gains.  Texans did it the whole fourth quarter.  It was good to at least hear the defense feeling down on their performance.  It seems they are all holding themselves accountable.

Bills showed last week that you can air it out against the Bengals defense so I envision a big performance day from both Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes.  It would also be nice to see Brad Smith getting involved with the wildcat.  He came so close to scoring a TD against the Bengals the last game of the season in the old stadium and I could see them wanting to get him involved again with this match up.

T.O.  has been quoted that he thinks Revis is “average”.  This is all apart of the show.  Revis since he returned from his injury has looked as good as he did last year.  If he was able to hold Andre Johnson to nothing I don’t think an againg T.O. is going to be the first reciever to get off Revis Island with ease.

Jets make this a blowout.  It will not be a close one.  Let’s get this game over with and focus on the Pats.  That will be the game of the year.  It will certainly be the determiner of who will be first in the AFC East.  

Let’s go Jets and Let’s go Lions!