New York Jets - Road to the Super Bowl

This has nothing to do with the Jets but it is too damn good!

Jets beat Favre and walk away with a win..

Week 5 is in the books and the Jets are now 4-1.  Leading up to the game I really had no fear of it.  I originally thought it was going to be a blow out but knew with the addition of Randy Moss there would be some big plays made. 

The stadium had an eerie feeling last night.  Not only was the rain absurd but the sky was flashing with some intense lightning and large hail balls.  I knew looking at the weather conditions it was going to be a grind the whole game.

As soon as the game started it was great to see Santonio finally on the field.  He was able to make some big 3rd down conversions but also made some bad drops.  He has been able to attend meetings but I think his 4 week hiatus showed last night.  I am sure he will look better against Denver this Sunday.  Braylon had at least three drops as well.  I can’t really fault either one of them because who knows how slick the balls were.

Running game looked powerful and enough can’t be said about the Jets Offensive line.  I know there was a lot of fear of the loss of Faneca going into the season but I think Slauson has done a great job filling that position.  Ladanian and Greene both had strong games.  I was glad to see Greene make a huge play and score a TD.  The success of the Jets this season depends on both RB’s staying healthy.  It is good to see them both contributing when they can.

Nick Folk definitely gets the MVP of that game.  Not only has he been pretty consistent throughout the season, not counting the missed field goal against Buffalo, but he was able to hit a 53 yarder in the rain.  It seems like Westhoff has been able to fix any issues that he was having in Dallas last year and has returned him to Pro-Bowl form.

There were a lot of fans discussing the contributions of Brad Smith during the game.  I have always been a big fan of Smith.  He really is a jack of all trades.  WR, QB, Punt returner and contributor on Special Teams.  He really does anything the team asks him to do and does it well.  I like Jim Leonhard but it seems Smith should really be the main focus on punt returns.  He can be very explosive.

I think Cromartie did an excellent job covering Moss last night.  Yes, he did get beat on that TD but Favre threw that ball perfectly.  There was no way to defend the placement of that ball.  Revis on the other hand took over the roll of Kyle Wilson last night and seemed completely lost and overwhelmed.  He was beat multiple times and he didn’t even seem prepared for the TD pass to Percy Harvin.  Who knew Revis would be the blemish on the defense this season?  It already seems he will be out against Denver.  He will now have two weeks to rest with the BYE week following this week’s game.  I am very tired of him.

I think the Jets looked ok last night.  Nothing too impressive and the clock management at the end of the game was inexcusable.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  Favre could have marched the Vikings down the field and set them up for a winning field goal.  Luckily, Dwight Lowery picked him and ran it back for a TD to seal the game.

Good teams find a way to win game in any situation.  Last night the Defense was a focal point of the success of that win. And a win is a win.  Jets are still 4-1 and a half game up on the Patriots.  The road to the Super Bowl goes on…….

********Side Note: The Jets and the Giants need to figure out the train system to and from the games.  It really takes away any joy had at a game.  It took me close to two hours to get home last night.


Late in the fourth quarter, Brett Favre hits a wide-open Dwight Lowery for a game-clinching 26-yard TD.
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)


Late in the fourth quarter, Brett Favre hits a wide-open Dwight Lowery for a game-clinching 26-yard TD.

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

I can’t wait to see how Favre is received tonight.

I can’t wait to see how Favre is received tonight.


The Minnesota
Vikings are back from their bye week. The team was on the practice field Monday, with every player on the roster
present. However, two injured starters were not participating in…

Week 5 Preview - Return of Favre to the Meadowlands

Jets meet with the Vikings this coming Monday.  They have spent the last three weeks showing the rest of the league how powerful the offense can be and how dominating the Defenses can be to opposing offenses.  Not only have they been in the spotlight with the confidence they have been showing but this will be their second Monday night game of the season.

There are so many story lines for this game.  The Jets see the return of Calvin Pace, Santonio Holmes and Darrelle Revis.  Brett Favre returns to the Meadowlands for the first time since his stint with the Jets in ‘08 and Randy Moss starts for the first time this season as a Viking.  Thank you New England Patriots for allowing him to play us again.  I know personally that watching Jets defense play against Moss is exhausting.  At any moment you feel as if he is going to score a Touchdown.  Hopefully he will be sitting on some island Monday night.  Whether that be Revis Island or Al-Cro-Traz.

A week ago I had no fear of this game.  The Vikings have had a pretty terrible start to the season and are coming off a Bye week being 1-2.  Favre hasn’t had much to work with  since Sidney Rice is not playing because of injuries and Percy Harvin has been limited in practices because of Migraines.  Now with the addition of Randy Moss to the offense anything is possible.  Favre has long been an admirer of Randy Moss and his abilities. Not only did they play against each other for years while Favre was with the Packers and Moss with the Vikings but before Moss ended up with the Oakland Raiders Favre tried his best to get Randy into a Packers jersey.  It never happened.  Monday night will be the first time they get to show off their skills.

The thing that makes this game scary is that you can’t really ever count out Favre.  Especially when it is broadcast on a Monday night game.  He seems to thrive under pressure and in the spotlight.  Moss will also want to make a statement with his new team.  I expect this game to now be very close with Favre slinging the ball to Moss as often as possible.  The Jets defense should have their work cut out for them.

The Jets now have, Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes on the roster and this will make the offense that much more explosive.  It is a good thing Sanchez will have one more target to throw to because the Vikings are one of the best in the league in stopping the run.  I don’t expect Sanchez to get through this game without an interception.  He hasn’t had to throw the ball a lot in the first four games but in order to be successful against the Defense he will.  For some reason I don’t see Santonio being used a ton during this game.  I think Dustin Keller remains the favorite target on offense.

Can Ladainian continue to turn back the clock?  I know the Jets will start off with the “ground and pound” and see how they fare against the Vikings defense but I hope Schotty doesn’t burn out LT.  I know he looks great but he is bearing the majority of the carries in the run game.  I hope Greene gets a significant amount of carriers.  We need LT to be capable to remain healthy throughout the season and since I am expecting a lot of throwing from Sanchez this might be a perfect game to get Greene in a groove.

I think the Jets pull this one out but I believe it will be close.  Even though the Vikings have not really blown the doors off this season lets remember a few things:

Favre on Monday Night Football is dangerous

Randy Moss is……well…..Randy Moss

Vikings are coming off of a BYE week and have had extra time to prepare.

Vikings were a game away from going to the Super Bowl last year.

One game at a time is the mantra for this year.  The Jets move to 4-1 on Monday.  The road to the Super Bowl continues.


It’s a done deal. Randy Moss was traded to the Minnesota Vikings early this morning. This should be lethal combination for the Vikings, with Favre, Moss and Andrian Peterson they are definitely legit Super Bowl Contenders.

Do Patriots fans care about all that? No.  Most Patriots fans are very upset about the deal.  They are not only upset for the Pats trading Moss but also that it was only for a 3rd round draft pick.

Well let’s rewind here for a minute.  When the Patriots received Randy Moss a few years ago from the Raiders, they gave the Raiders only a 4th round pick.

Okay back to present, there we go.  This guy must be a head case if people are taking next to nothing to get rid of him!  Let’s face it these Patriots are no dummies and Randy would of been gone at the end of the season anyhow, because they were not going to resign him.  They might as well get something for him!

WOW!  Monday is going to be insane in the New Meadowlands.